Tuesday, January 02, 2007

LifeFORCE School Promo

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Schools Programs in the UK
What is LifeFORCE?

LifeFORCE is a Christian theatre company that has been presenting to schools in the U.K. for over a decade. All our students join as a gap year program, taking part in 2 months of study and preparation and 4 months of touring in the U.K. We offer a variety of presentations that are engaging, effective, and flexible to your school’s curriculum.

Our Presentation

1. School Assembly:

A variety of short sketches that make for an exciting, fun and educational school assembly. We can take just about any theme or topic that the school would like to address. Running Time: 5-30 minutes (Adjustable to the school schedule).

2. General Assembly:

A full-length drama multi-media presentation dealing with many issues today’s youth face, such as self-esteem, peer pressure, and violence. The presentation is followed by a short, motivational speak from a member of the team. Running time 40-50 minutes.

3. General Classes:

A more interactive program involving drama, multi-media, games, discussion, and life-experience teaching from the team. The team is flexible with a wide range of RE/PSE topics, such as peer-pressure, relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and current affairs. Our main overlying theme is to promote students to make positive choices in their lives. We are also easily able to do any Religious Education classes involving themes about Christianity. Running Time: 40-60 minutes (Adjustable to class schedule).

4. Drama Classes:

A workshop involving main principles of drama and stage acting using theatre games and activities. Students get a hands-on experience of what it is like to go through LifeFORCE training. Running Time: 30-60 minutes (Adjustable to class schedule).


LifeFORCE is a registered charity in the U.K. and we appreciate any donations that can be made to help cover our expenses. However, our goal is to impact young people to make positive life choices, so if funds are not available this will not inhibit our involvement in your school. Charity Number: 1113221

Donations from schools can be made by cheque to LifeFORCE and can be given directly to the church liaison, team leaders or mailed to: LifeFORCE c/o Danny DeLong, Walsall Christian Centre, Corporation Street W., Walsall, W. Midlands WS1 3QS

Contact Details

In the UK:

Directors: Danny and Alycia DeLong
Email: delong_danny_alycia@yahoo.ca

In Canada:

LifeFORCE Teams International
Director: Lindsay Hodges
#8 – 3530 11A Street N.E.
Calgary, AB Canada
T2E 6M7